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MannequinMB is a brand new Graphic Design forum made recently. Our goal is to be really helpful and help inspire graphic design. I know as a graphic designer at my level it's really helpful to get ideas and help from people at all different levels even from those who might not have as much experience as I do. Similar to people forums grow over time and with experience, and we are going to grow like everything else! So, Join today!

Stock Images

This is slightly a self promotion post as well as Helpful post. This post is about where to find stock photos. I know this is like something between a rock and a hard place for most people. I personally was one of those people that used to just type what I wanted in google and snag it and used it not caring a whiff. Well that's actually not proper because people might have copyrights on those images and what not so it's way easier to not have to worry about it then to worry about it down the road.

So here are my Suggestions: Use Stock Photos or take your own pictures and or drawings and use them. Taking your own pictures are probably the easiest way to use something specific that you want. Depending on the use of the image even a crappy cellphone picture works, just e-mail it to yourself.

And there are always Stock Photos:
My Stock Photos - http://marionettechild.deviantart.com
A great free site - http://www.sxc.hu

Shameless Self Promotion

Just you know I have nothing against this hence I am going ahead with it. So here's the deal guys! You haven't seen my work since my lame attempt at an argyle duck. And as cute as that was I have a couple things a bit more tooth rotting then that.. :) Take a look
Tooth Rotting GoodnessCollapse )

Oldy Moldy!

This was originally created to help advertise your own Graphic Design Artwork as well as ask for help from others or share helpful hints. It never really shot off with a bang so in effort to rejuvenate and create what never was I am going to be adding a link to this little community to several of my funstuffers. Including my oldy but goody website : http://www.candyconstellations.co.nr as well as to project I am working on feverishly. I am posting this to inform those who are looking into this that it has not yet been abolished due to lack of inactivity nor will it be. So join ahead. Maybe it wont be perfect but that's just the way the world turns.

I should be updating again soon! See you around :)

Gackt Layout

I made something new! Take a look~!Gackt layoutCollapse )

I made this layout for Sara at Vanilla-Rain.net

I hope you like it ~!


I thought I would start off this community with a bit of my own work!

I've been working on the line art style of drawing with using the pen tool on Photoshop. I originally thought it was called a vexel but I was wrong and I corrected myself quickly so here now is the presentation of one of my better line arts....