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stylemestellar's Journal

Style me Stellar
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For Fans and creators of Line art , vectors, and even Photo manipulations.
~ Style me Stellar is welcome to all forms of computer arts. If you want some help with graphics or if you want some critiques on the work you have done then feel free to post your designs and images and see what people have to say!

This is a Friendly community so please no bashing or flaming! This is not a rule, this is a policy. If one of the mods find you being rude to one of the other members or being to critical of little things of people's work then you will be given a warning. You only have 3 warnings before you are banned. With this policy if you do not improve after the first warning you will be banned.

1. Be friendly to new members
2. Post an introduction before you post anything else, we want to know who you are.
3. Please Keep posts on topic.
4. You must respect people's creativity, if you want to critique on someone's work don't go by the details go by the overall outcome.
5. Because this Community has many different styles you must respect the way people express themselves. Art is not a definite, you can be as creative as you like.
6. Please put all images over 500x500 under a cut
7. You do not need to post art to be a member, feel free to join just to critique people.
8. Feel free to post tutorials or other graphics people can use for their own pleasure! It will be added under Memories.
9. These rules are subject to change at any moment.